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Unlinked and expiring accounts

Accounts don't stay linked forever. Accounts sometimes become unlinked because you change a password, your access expires, or no reason at all. Here's how to take care of unlinked and expiring accounts.

Written by Scott
Published on August 27, 2020

Unlinked Accounts

Accounts don’t always stay perfectly linked with Sheetsync. When Sheetsync loses connection to an account, the account is considered unlinked, and you receive an email notifying you of the issue. The email will instruct you to open Sheetsync and relink your account. When you open Sheetsync, you should see a large red banner at the top of the dashboard prompting you to relink your account. Once you click relink, a secure Plaid portal will open up directly to the institution that lost connection. Once you enter your credentials and reauthenticate, your accounts will be linked once again and connection with Sheetsync will continue.

Expiring Accounts

Sometimes accounts are occasionally marked as “expiring”. Expiring accounts are accounts that will become unlinked soon once Sheetsync’s access expires. Typically this occurs because your bank security is set up to limit Sheetsync access to a few months or years. Like unlinked accounts, expiring accounts will prompt an email to notify you of the issue. After opening Sheetsync, you will see a red banner at the top of the dashboard requesting that you relink your account. By relinking an expiring account before it fully expires, you ensure that Sheetsync continues to sync that account’s data uninterrupted.